Predictive and proactive forklift battery and charger maintenance at its best.

As technology continues to evolve, the business world is required to make more informed and intelligent decisions. Avoid unplanned equipment downtime and service costs, protect the integrity of your assets and guarantee a fully operational fleet through remote monitoring and maintenance. Through ACTintelligent, translate your Quantum and BATTview data into actionable results, deliver value and sustain growth.


Automated data uploads with 24/7 access
Data uploads are automated and visualized in real-time with 24/7 access from anywhere, allowing you to execute operational decisions from your desktop or mobile device.


Fully-managed motive power fleet monitoring services
ACT’s team of technical experts provide proactive support, remote monitoring, hands-free troubleshooting and problem resolution for battery and charger management optimization strategies.


Automated alerts and service schedules
Automate alerts and proactively schedule preventative maintenance and service visits, mitigating operational downtime.


Customized reports and analytics
Customize and receive status reports that meet your reporting requirements and exploit advanced analytics to gain deeper insight into your operations.