The next generation of industrial battery monitoring and diagnostics.

BATTview is the first smart appliance in the material handling industry that allows for real-time, two-way communication between your Quantum charger and ACTview. Remotely access operational logs and battery performance data and easily manage the performance of your forklift batteries.

Easily analyze performance and operational data
Unleash opportunities for battery fleet performance optimization through advanced data analytics, battery utilization and performance data.

Wireless integration with ACTview and ACTintelligent
ACTview cloud integration allows for automated data uploads, remote monitoring and diagnostics, remote programming and effortless firmware updates.

Battery data integrity and continuity
Cloud database ensures battery data integrity and continuity, even if the BATTview is replaced.

Data integration with Quantum chargers
Deliver optimal charge cycles, schedule flexible equalization cycles and track accurate charge termination conditions.

Maximum return for minimal cost
User-friendly installation guarantees maximum return on investment and optimal battery life.