ACT provides chargers for TractEasy EZTow deployments in the US and France

Mar. 04, 2024


Advanced Charging Technologies 

04 Mar, 2024, 07:05 ET

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif.¬†and¬†DENVER,¬†March 4, 2024¬†/PRNewswire/ —¬†Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc. (ACT), a leading provider of cutting-edge charging solutions, is delighted to add outdoor autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) to the long list of applications benefitting from its state-of-the-art¬†technologies.

Users of autonomous vehicles know the importance of continuous collection and analysis of operating data. The integration of ACT Quantum charging technology into autonomous vehicle deployments not only ensures a reliable and efficient charging experience but also provides the analytics necessary for optimizing charging needs, to optimized flow operation.

“We are excited to support¬†TractEasy¬†and integrate our industry leading charging solution into the innovative EZTow deployments,” said¬†Michael K. Nelson, President of ACT. “These recent deployments underscore our dedication to advancing the electric autonomous vehicle landscape, offering a seamless and efficient intelligent charging experience for users of autonomous towing services.”

TractEasy’s CEO,¬†Rich Reno, expressed enthusiasm about the recent deployments, stating, “ACT chargers have provided necessary operational capability to our large customers with the added benefit of having one supplier capable of supporting deployments around the world which provides the global consistency for our large multinational customers. Optimal utilization of our EZTow autonomous tow tractor requires the flexibility of indoor and outdoor charging and easy access to key operational KPIs, including charging data, which is seamlessly integrated through ACT.”

The EZTow is used at airports and industrial sites in baggage, cargo, and material logistic flows. It is the latest product to benefit from ACT’s expertise in developing robust and efficient charging solutions with recent deployments in the US and in¬†France. The combination of ACT chargers with autonomous vehicles like EZTow, represents a significant milestone in the journey towards a more innovative and data-focused material handling solution.

About Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT)
Established in 2009, Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a recognized industry leader in integrated solutions for eMHE and eGSE battery and charging technologies. Committed to constant innovation, ACT drives industry transformation with cutting-edge products. Its portfolio includes smart industrial appliances that set new standards and connected fleet solutions that enhance business efficiency. ACT has deployed over 60,000 chargers worldwide, reflecting its dedication to progress through technological excellence. Rooted in unwavering service and ethics, ACT is devoted to delivering exceptional quality products and services across the globe.

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About TractEasy
TractEasy is a joint venture between two industry leaders:¬†TLD¬†and¬†EasyMile. It is an independent distributor of autonomous towing solutions with close cooperation and integration with its parent companies. Together, they offer the most advanced driverless technology in the market to airport and industrial clients. Its “EZTow” tow tractor can tow up to 14 tons autonomously using a range of sensors and cameras with real-time processing to navigate complex outdoor environments. It is already used by a range of airports and manufacturing sites around the world, with a growing client base.

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