About Us

Advanced Charging Technologies is the recognized leader in integrated solutions for forklift battery and charging technologies.

From our inception in 2009, we’ve challenged the traditional materials handling industry by keeping technology at the forefront of our products and services. Our team is committed to exceeding expectations and transforming motive power and fleet management with technology that enables more efficient power solutions and results in greater energy and labor savings.

Innovation is at our core, and we’re committed to upholding the most advanced portfolio of smart industrial appliances in the industry. We’re future-minded, and we know that with the changing business landscape, data is our greatest asset. That’s why we’re focused on creating and delivering sustainable, connected and end-to-end fleet management solutions— accessible from anywhere— that fully equip your operations and allow for scalability as your business grows.

Committed to world-class service and support.

ACT is committed to employing empowered and inspired personnel, each focused on the same goal: the highest quality products and service support. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are not only innovative for the material handling industry, but solutions that allow our clients to innovate within their own business, too.


ACT and its employees are committed to meeting customer and legal requirements to achieve customer satisfaction. We will always strive to provide quality products on time and continually improve our Quality Management System.



To provide exceptional quality products and support to customers along with exceptional learning, growth and financial opportunities for ACT employees and owners.


To be at the forefront of creating value for our customers by offering quality products with unmatched service.


Ethics – We exercise our duties with honesty and integrity at all times.

Teamwork – We respect and support each other, without blame, to create a stronger and better performing team.

Customer Service – We respond to every customer quickly, thoroughly, professionally and with courtesy.