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Efficient Fleet Charging for Smart Operations

Optimize Output with Cutting-edge Charging Technology.

Streamlined Charger Management Solutions.

Enhanced Reliability through Innovation

Maximize fleet performance with advanced chargers designed for efficiency. These chargers offer full remote control capabilities, ensuring effortless management. Backed by a standard five-year warranty, these chargers are smart-grid-ready and solutions-focused, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Seamless Cloud Integration for Control

Leverage wireless cloud integration with ACTview and ACTintelligent. Automate data uploads, enable remote monitoring, access real-time control, troubleshooting, and diagnostics. These chargers deliver comprehensive solutions for intelligent charger management.

Efficient Energy Management

Experience reduced power consumption and lower costs. Achieve remarkable peak efficiencies of over 94% and full-cycle efficiencies exceeding 93%. Manage energy usage effectively for operational excellence and sustainability.

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Charging a sustainable movement
To shape a promising future where clean energy and efficient power solutions drive transformative change.
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