Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Jul. 14, 2023 5 minutes read

Powering Efficiency: Facilitating Operational Transformation

This case study highlights a successful collaboration between ACT, a leading provider of forklift chargers, a prominent US-based forklift manufacturer, and the largest retailer in the world. The project involved the delivery of 870 customized forklift chargers across four locations in the USA, enabling the transition from lead-acid batteries to lithium. ACT’s expertise in motive power charging solutions ensured a seamless integration of the new technology, despite the existing forklift trucks not being ready for lithium conversion. The project was executed efficiently, with chargers manufactured, programmed, and installed within 3 months.


ACT, in partnership with the forklift manufacturer, collaborated with the retailer to facilitate a significant shift from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries for their forklift fleet. With their extensive experience and technical capabilities, ACT and the forklift manufacturer aimed to provide a comprehensive solution that would optimize charging efficiency and drive operational improvements for the retailer.

The Challenge

The primary challenge of this project was to enable the transition to lithium batteries without disrupting the retailer’s operations. Each site required the removal of existing chargers and the installation of brand-new chargers. The existing forklift trucks were not prepared for conversion, necessitating the need for chargers capable of accommodating both lead acid and lithium batteries. Additionally, 870 jumper cables had to be assembled to ensure compatibility during the shift.

Solution: Customized Forklift Chargers

ACT and the forklift manufacturer worked closely to develop a tailored solution that would address the specific requirements of the retailer.

ACT, leveraging its expertise in charger design and programming, manufactured and supplied 870 forklift chargers capable of charging both lead acid and lithium batteries. The chargers were meticulously programmed to seamlessly switch between the two battery types, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.


The project kicked off in early July 2022 when ACT received the purchase order. Collaborating closely with the forklift manufacturer, ACT expedited the manufacturing process while maintaining strict quality standards. The chargers were manufactured, programmed, and thoroughly tested for optimal performance. By the end of September 2022, ACT’s skilled technicians installed the chargers across the four locations, seamlessly integrating them into the existing infrastructure.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between ACT, the forklift manufacturer, and the largest retailer in the world yielded several significant benefits:

  1. Streamlined Transition: The retailer successfully transitioned from lead acid batteries to lithium batteries, reaping the benefits of increased operational efficiency, longer battery life, and reduced maintenance costs.
  2. Compatibility and Flexibility: ACT’s chargers were designed to accommodate both lead acid and lithium batteries, allowing the existing fleet of forklift trucks to continue operations without immediate conversion. This flexibility minimized downtime and eliminated the need for immediate fleet replacements.
  3. Timely Execution: Despite the complexity of the project and the significant number of chargers required, ACT delivered within the agreed upon timeframe. The chargers were manufactured, programmed, and installed efficiently, ensuring a seamless transition for the retailer.


The successful collaboration between ACT, the forklift manufacturer, and the largest retailer in the world exemplifies the expertise and efficiency of all parties involved. By delivering 870 customized chargers and enabling the transition from lead acid to lithium batteries, ACT and the forklift manufacturer empowered the retailer to unlock the benefits of advanced battery technology. This case study demonstrates the value of collaborative partnerships and showcases how innovative solutions can drive operational enhancements in the retail industry


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