An industrial appliance designed to make your fleet work smarter, not harder.

Quantum chargers are designed so you can fully control your charger fleet from anywhere. With a five-year, world-class warranty, Quantum chargers are smart-grid-ready and solutions-focused, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

Uninterrupted operations due to built-in redundancy and modular design
Improve overall equipment reliability, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs and protect your investment through future scalability.

Wireless cloud integration with ACTview and ACTintelligent
ACTview cloud integration allows for automated data uploads, remote monitoring, real-time control and hands-free troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Remote firmware and software updates
Fully commission and configure Quantum installation through ACTview. Remote firmware updates allow for continued operation with zero downtime.

Reduce power consumption and costs
Manage energy usage with maximum peak efficiencies greater than 94 percent and full-cycle efficiencies greater than 93 percent.

Intuitive user interface
User-friendly touchscreen interface and LED status light allow for intuitive status indication and simple troubleshooting.