ACTview Insight Platform

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Remote management for battery and charger assets. Cloud application for smart industrial appliances.

Gain Real-time Insights to Enhance Fleet Performance.

Control Your Operations for Optimal Efficiency.

Seamless Performance Enhancements

Stay at the forefront of innovation with ACTview’s patented automated software and firmware updates. Seamlessly integrate new features and functionalities with minimal effort and zero downtime, all achieved through over-the-air updates.

Efficient Data Control and Empowerment

Facilitate effective collaboration through multi-user data management and role-based access control (RBAC). Empower your team to access and centrally manage a comprehensive portfolio of battery and charger assets, ensuring efficient data control.

Flexible Fleet Management

Manage your fleet seamlessly from anywhere with ACTview. Access real-time analytics and reports for Quantum and Battview assets. Your data remains secure through user authentication, hosting, data storage, and backup with ACT’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

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